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En-Visage Body Package Treatments

En-Visage Bliss

This En-Visage treatment begins with the En-Visage soothing 1/2 hr  back massage followed by the Mini Holistic facial fighting against the effects of aging while creating a sense of well-being and restfulness. $129

1 hr

En-Visage Ultimate Unwind

This En-Visage treatment begins with a En-Visage relaxing 1/2 hr massage just to start the unwinding process. Then, you indulge in a choice of the En-Visage Relax and Unwind Facial or the  En-Visage Holistic Essential Oil Facial treatment for age management. By now, you will truly be in heaven. We now treat you to the amazing En-Visage Deluxe Pedicure and Deluxe Manicure and full Eye Combo. Just when you thought you couldn't get any more relaxed we indulge you in the En-Visage unique Hair Spa Conditioning Treatment and Blow Wave/Steampod. Finished off with a light application of our BLACK&WHITE Makeup Collection..$499

4 1/4 hrs

En-Visage Body Polish/Wrap Treatments

En-Visage Body Polish

Our En-Visage Body Polish begins with a full body wash with a blend of essential oils that will truly delight your senses as well as stimulate or relax, whichever suits your needs. Next, our amazing exfoliating beautiful body polish will remove any redundant skin cells, and last, just relax and indulge in a full body hydration massage helping hydrate, tone and nourish even the most dehydrated of skins, leaving your skin smooth, soft and even-toned.1 1/2 hr$125

En-Visage Tip to Toe

En-Visage Full Body Polish 
En-Visage Full Body Moisturise
En-Visage En-Visage Mini  Signature Relax & Unwind facial
En-Visage Eye Combo
En-Visage Head, Feet, Hand & Arm Massage
En-Visage 3/4 Leg Wax
En-Visage Bikini Line Wax
Gel  Mini Pedi & Mani 
En-Visage Express Hair & Makeup 
4 hrs $350

En-Visage Just The Basics Please

En-Visage Maintenance Express Facial
En-Visage Eye Combo
En-Visage Head, Feet, Hand & Arm Massage
En-Visage 1/2 Leg Wax
En-Visage Bikini Line Wax
En-Visage Mini pedicure with warm essential oil

21/2 Hrs$215

Take a Walk in My shoes

The Best Pedicure You will ever have En-Visage"s Signature Deluxe Pedicure with a gel finish

1 1/2 hrs $102

En-Visage Detox Body Wrap

Our En-Visage Body Wrap begins with a gentle exfoliation to remove redundant skin cells and speed up the skin's cellular rejuvenation process, which improves the skin's tone and texture. Our clay base detox body mask helps draw out impurities, while our nourishing body balm hydrates and nourishes your skin, improving both your skin's tone and texture.
1 1/2hrs

En-Visage Hydration Wrap

Our En-Visage Hydration Wrap calms and revitalises sun parched skin. We start with a dry brush exfoliation to remove redundant skin cells while promoting lymphatic flow throughout the body. Next, our ultimate hydrating body balm is painted on and massaged in for ultimate hydration. A calming scalp massage is given while the body is enveloped for deeper relaxation - an excellent treatment for post-sun, dehydrated and ageing skin.

En-Visage Ultimate Body Treatment

En-Visage 'Just Because' Treatment.

Because you're special, because you deserve it & just because you might need it. Food for the mind, body and soul.
4 hrs Hours (soak - $386
3 1/2 (without soak,) - $365

A spa soak Enjoy a luxurious spa bath soak with a cocktail of essential minerals and oils and beautiful organic bath salts that will truly relax you.

A body buff exfoliate A gentle but very effective body exfoliation treatment to gently buff away the buildup of dead skin cells, leaving the skin free of cellular build up.

Body wrap Your choice of a body detox wrap that gently cleanses impurities from deep within the pores, or a hydrating body mask, for even the most dehydrated skin.

Massage Indulge in the aroma of essential oils specifically mixed and blended for your personal needs while you enjoy a full body massage.

Nourish Full body moisturise with a body balm, for nothing less than soft, supple moisturised skin

Final Finishing Touch Mini Manicure & Mini Pedicure


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