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En-Visage Pro Cellular Level Dermal Resurfacer Treatments

What is a Resurfacer?

A resurfacer is a superficial exfoliating treatment working in the Stratum Corneum layer (the very top layer of the skin). Resurfacers generally have no recovery time and are effective in addressing many skin concerns and desires through the use of Enzymes and Acids which aid in the ability of desquamation (exfoliation) of the skin which in turn refines your skin's texture.

A full skin analysis and patch test must be given prior to these treatments.

At En-Visage we take a both a holistic and scientific approach to both our treatments and retail ranges and home care programs . We are proud that we only use and retail professional, active and result driven skin care, such as our   Cellular Level Active Skin Care from our BLACK&WHITE Range. At En-Visage our Active treatments use key ingredients that work well beneath the epidermis and into the dermal layer working at a cellular level . Skincare and skin treatments that feed your cells result in healthier reproduction of new skin cells. We also offer Pure Natural-Organic skin Care treatments from our BLACK&WHITE Range and this range accompanies our holistic approach nicely. If you are unsure about what En-Visage facial treatment is best for you, let us know as we are happy to recommend the perfect treatment for you.

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Pro cellular level 11 Complexion Perfection


We are extremely excited to be able to work with  BLACK&WHITE'S  exciting  Resurfacing menu,  BLACK&WHITE'S Resurfacer Treatment Plan's give  you many options for your in Spa and at home skin treatment plan for all your Summer & Winter Facial Skin treatments, allowing you to always have the best treatment for your own particular skin type and skin concerns.

1st series of 6 Bi Monthly En-Visage Cellular Level 11 Resurfacer treatment Plan

March 1st
March 15th

April 1st
April 15th

May 1st
May 15th

2nd Series of 6 Bi Monthly En-VisageCellular Level 11 Resurfacer Treatment Plan

September 1st
September 15th

October 1st
October 15th

November 1st
November 15th


En-Visage Facial Procedures

The En-Visage facial procedure will be determined by what facial you & your therapist choose after your skin analysis.

En-Visage Finish
You will have time to lie and relax with a glass of hot/cold lemon water or herbal tea, and will be given a prescription and a consultation about your home care needs to help you maintain the skin care treatment you have just received.

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