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En-Visage Pro Cellular Level 1111 Power Peptide Dermal Resurfacer (PEPTIDE PERFECTION)

DOWN TIME (All Fitzpatrick skin types)


This En-Visage Peptide Peel  treatment is an extremely Rapid aggressive Peel of the deeper superficial layers and not for the faint hearted. Ideal for wrinkle correction (reduction in wrinkle volume) . The aim of this Cellular level peel treatment is desquamation (exfoliation) by lifting and digesting any redundant skin cells for a more even skin tone. Expect down time and mild sloughing to full sheets of peeling. Our incredible ingredients such as Rigin and Matrixyl target UV damage and promote collagen and elastin Synthesis, promoting the protection of collagen by inhibiting enzymes that degrade the skins collagen, while supporting existing collagen structures. Our unique potent blend of AHAs are the ultimate in wrinkle reduction, giving an immediate lift while helping to treat your skin at a cellular level.

Who for?

This En-Visage Peel Treatment is good for those with moderate ageing and texture concerns, visible lines and wrinkles and thick, resilient skin. We recommended this treatment for anybody wanting to step-up their treatment plan and target UV damage and line / wrinkle depth correction. 


When to treat

This En-Visage Facial treatment is  mild to heavy peel  Skin can be treated all year round (Excluding Summer)

Best results with a three monthly treatment plan twice a year.

Monthly $159

1 hour 15 minutes - 
A Full Consultation must be given prior to treatment 

 Advanced Option Add on $10.00


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