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En-Visage Pro Cellular Level 1111 Skin Bright Dermal Peel (BRIGHT PERFECTION)


LEVEL 111  PRO BRIGHT PERFECTION (All Fitzpatrick Skin Types) 

This En-Visage treatment is an extremely rapid and aggressive peel exfoliating the deeper superficial layers of the skin. The aim of this peel treatment is to help combat acne. This involves a deep desquamation (exfoliation) treatment by effectively eliminating redundant skin cells. This will then accelerate the skin's cellular renewal process resulting in clearer, brighter skin, while significantly accelerating the skin's cellular renewal process. Our lactic, mandelic and phytic acids work together to brighten skin and create an even skin tone. Mandelic Acid is an effective tyrosinase inhibitor, making this an excellent treatment against hyper-pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots due to acne, scarring or melasma. This treatment is also suitable for deep, resistant pigmentation due to hormones, sun damage or long-standing post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. This treatment is not for the faint of heart. Most people experience light sloughing to deep sheets of peeling that precedes the new, smooth, even-toned, and revitalised skin. Not recommended for clients with sensitive or delicate skin. Safe for Fitzpatrick 4-6 Skin Types

Who For ?

This En-Visage Facial Treatment has seen excellent results targeting hyper-pigmentation, hormonal breakouts, melasma and dull, lifeless skins. It is ideal for those wanting a clearer, brighter skin texture.

When to treat?

This En-Visage Facial treatment is a highly active peel . Skin can be treated in the cooler months only, but first we consider lifestyle and climate factors.

Best results with a three month treatment plan twice a year.
Monthly $159

1 hour 15 minutes
 A Full Consultation must be given prior to treatment 

Advanced Option Add on $10.00


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