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sunless tanning

En-Visage Body Scrub &  Full Tan              $86  

En-Visage Body Scrub & 1/2  Tan               $66

E-Visage Full Tan                                       $60     

En-Visage Full  Tan                                    $46   

pre - post tan guide

If you wax please wax at  least 72 hrs prior to your tan application.
If you shave, please shave  the night before your tan application

If we are not using our tan and scrub service please exfoliate with  a loofah, mitt or body scrub on the day or night before your appointment to thoroughly exfoliate the skin prior to your tan appointment this will enable your tan to last longer by removing excess dead skin cells                                                                                                                          as 

Do not  apply moisturiser, lotions or body scrubs that leave an oily residue on the day of your appointment as these will act as an inhibitor to the tan and negatively affect the final result. 

If possible please refrain from deodorant where possible otherwise  this can  be removed  before we begin  your tan.

Bring dark and loose  breathable clothing to wear after your tan to avoid any staining  of light fabrics Close fitting clothes may cause rubbing or seating which will result in a  inferior tan.   Strapless bra or bathing suit is recommended to protect rubbing in the shoulder area, especially if you are wearing a strapless dress to an upcoming event.                                                                                          Footwear such as Jandals  are best  to avoid rubbing the tan off your feet.  

 No swimming, sweating, exercising or getting wet until after your first shower as this may cause streaks or an uneven tan result.

Leave the tan on for 2-8 hours to develop before showering.  Your therapist will tell you when to wash off your tan, depending on your desired colour and tanning  selected tanning solution.
Moisturise daily to preserve the tan for the longest time using our tan extender.
Avoid long, hot showers/baths and pat skin dry. Do not rub!
Chlorine will shorten the length of your tan so avoid swimming pools and spa’s following application.
Exfoliate only when you are ready to remove the tan.


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